• Judging Criteria

    This is most important part of your entry, below is a summary of what our judges will need from you. For full details please read the Entry Guide.

  • Project overview

  • Project title

    Project summary
    Provide a quick summary to help the judges quickly grasp the project, so in a sentence describe:

    • Business demands to be tackled
    • Implementation
    • Targets/objectives
    • Effectiveness

    Target audience
    Profile of the audience e.g. demographics, psychographics and any pre-project perceptions.

    Time period
    Define the duration of the project, including start and finish dates. See entry guide.

    In £ sterling exclusive of VAT.

  • Judging criteria

  • Business demands to be tackled
    Outline in full the challenge and level of complexity/difficulty.
    (300 words)

    The plan
    Outline a clear strategy and why it was approached in this way. Link it to the objectives, showing the methods used to achieve the results. Include who the stakeholders were and what they did.
    (300 words)

    Project fulfilment
    How was the plan implemented? What worked and what didn't? What were the obstacles and how were they overcome? What elements of your plan made it a winning one; was this innovative or a good use of standard tactics?
    (300 words)

    Proof of how the project reached its objectives
    Give key points and statistics (such as metrics, trends and changes) that demonstrate success. NB. These must be verified or they cannot be considered.
    (300 words)

    Effectiveness in meeting the project objectives
    Explain the importance of outcomes linked to the objectives/KPIs. Provide any relevant context (e.g. before and after, external factors that affected your results). What lessons were learnt?
    (300 words)

    Third-party stakeholder assessment
    Provide an endorsement from an independent party or client supporting the effectiveness and value of the work.
    (300 words)

  • Read the guide before entering

    Please note, entries for 2021 coming soon. However, for all details about entering the awards, including the terms and conditions, please read the Entry Guide.

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